Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kindness is everything

It is quite sad really that when people are kind, it still comes as a surprise. But really, when you look around, kindness is everywhere.

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On our way to Bath today, the bus driver was not particularly pleasant or helpful, considering I had the two kids and the buggy. I nevertheless managed to climb on-board despite his eye rolling and sarcastic comments. However he made no effort to wait until Siena was sat down, or even for me to at least put the brake on the buggy or collapse it as I had offered. The bus was busy and I was trying to get everything out of the buggy and fold it up quick so as to not be in people's way. Then I heard "Can I help you?" from the man sitting just next to where I stood. I said yes please, could you hold my baby please? (i say please and thank you... a lot!!) Which he did. Quite happily. And Hugo stopped crying and screaming the place down (canines and molars piercing through... enough said!), and started laughing and smiling at this kind face. He must have held him for a good 20 or 30 minutes. He was really lovely. he told me about this children, who were of similar ages than mine. He was off to Bath for some shopping with the person he supported as his carer. He had some random conversations with Siena. He was purely a kind man. And then off he went to his business. But that small act of kindness made such a difference to my morning.

Shortly afterwards, Hugo was back to screaming and kicking everything away from him. We were in M&S about to have a coffee and some breakfast. I asked a lady working there where I could change Hugo's nappy. When I came back she asked if I had found it ok, then saw Hugo's face and his rash from eczema and from his allergic reaction the previous day, as well as his general demeanour, and so she briefly asked if he was ok. I explained and then she looked at me and said ok, what about you? how are you? And do you know what? that made me feel better already! I somehow managed to explain I had just stopped work and was still adjusting to being at home blah blah blah. She told me it is important for me to simply put him in the pram from time to time, and to ensure I give myself 10 minutes breathing space and a coffee, and we'll all feel better for it. She was so lovely, and really seemed to care about my well-being even though this was a random 5 minute chat in a busy cafeteria. At the time, I had been feeling bad about Hugo climbing on the table/chucking stuff on the table/making me raise my voice... so these kind words were much needed and did me good.

That afternoon, a sales assistant told me how lovely my little girl was, and that while I was looking for a dress for my mum, Siena had been telling her all about her Tata's wedding, and that her Tata lives in Australia and we were looking for a dress for Mamie. She seemed really smitten with Siena and so as always when people say nice things about her, I felt really proud of her and full and love. Again, those kind words made an impact on me, when I was feeling as though I kept having to tell the children off.

It just goes to show doesn't it, kindness can go a long way. I try to remind myself of that constantly. Looking at people in the eye. Smiling more at people when I'm out and about. Having a chat here and there when people are chatty. Giving my leftover pizza to a homeless person. You never do know just how bad a day someone is having, and sometimes the smallest of gestures truly can be a little ray of sunshine in their day.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world! #quotes #inspirational

What was the last random act of kindness you received? Do you have any tips for spreading kindness around you? I would love to hear your thoughts :)
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