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Why I blog...

Some days, I feel as though as I could easily write ten articles. When time allows it, i do just that and schedule them throughout the week. It feels great and really motivating to continue. It also allows me to then focus on other things knowing I have Green Loving Girl taken care of. Some other days, I feel like I should write, but sometimes, either because I have so many other things on the go, or the kids are playing up, or simply because I am tired following another sleepless night due to Hugo teething, I struggle writing anything at all. I don't beat myself up for not writing a post every day. But sometimes it gets me thinking why do I blog? Why do I go through with it? This happened to me yesterday. I nevertheless sat down and actually managed to write two posts, both on important issues: gender equality and my children, and healthy eating. I then felt much better for it.

I therefore thought I would remind myself why I started blogging ago in the first place. And while I''m at it, I would let you in on this too.

I LOVE this .. a bit too feminine but if I could have a similar whismy air with succulents!! :0)

My first post, concerned my decision to stop breastfeeding Hugo at just five weeks. It felt a little scary putting it out there. Especially when people can get so opinionated when it comes to breastfeeding. But after reading numerous blogs during my pregnancy, I realised that I wanted to share my views, hoping that I might be able to reach out to some people, in way that some of the blogs I read had reached me.

If I was to make a list, I guess it would go a little like this:

  1. I have always enjoyed reading, and always wished I could write. In the old days, I wanted to write a book. But moving on with the times, blogging seems to suit me better, allowing me to write small articles at a time about various interests of mine.
  2. Motherhood can be lonely. I also often find myself wondering whether I am doing the right thing or whether I am messing up my children. Most of my close friends also do not have children, and so I do not want to go on and on about this with them. Being able to communicate various elements of parenting on the blog and meeting like minded people online does offer a good form of relief.
  3. I am very good at bottling everything up and carrying on as normal. I don't believe this is healthy however. And so I make sure I write from the heart, which allows me to open up and let go of anything worrying me or holding me back. I have generally received great feedback and support from doing so, which helps even more.
  4. I have all the best intentions when it comes to making scrapbooks for the kids, but in reality, as much as I collect various bit of memorabilia, I never have time to do so. I am also running out of room space to hang any more photos in the house! I am however able to include the best photos on the blog, paired with funny things that Siena did, when Hugo took his first steps, etc. It is therefore a true life diary of all the little day to day things that would otherwise get forgotten, and I love my blog for this.
  5. It allows me to be me. On a day to day basis, I am now formally known as Siena and Hugo's mum. I haven't yet quite come to grips with the fact that I am no longer a working mum. I loved being a working mum. I am overall happy with my decision, but do occasionally worry whether I have damaged my career in law by taking time out. I worry about what skills I can pursue in my own time. Whether they will be transferable. Blogging is therefore an opportunity to calm my mind down, and help develop my creative side.
  6. Most of all, blogging makes me happy. I love reading beautiful blogs with great content. I love finding out more about social media and how to use it in a professional capacity. I get really excited finding out about new  I get excited thinking of how to improve Green Loving Girl. I get really so happy every time someone new likes my blog or comments on a post. It never gets old :)
Forest Dreams: A few words about keeping optimistic

Do you have a blog? What made you start it in the first place? Have those reasons changed with time? I would love to hear why other people blog, and also, what keeps them blogging.
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