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Why I am going to quit sugar for eight weeks...

I have always loved my food. I am definitely my father's daughter when it comes to that. Barry often jokes that I have food flowing through my veins rather than food (clearly my brain is thinking about food... meant blood!). I am constantly thinking of my next meal. Usually as soon as I finished the one I am eating, I am asking Barry what we are going to have next. Siena is the same too in that respect. Just love food!

People Who Love To Eat Are The Best People #JuliaChild #Quote #etsy

Additionally, I am mostly lazy. As much as I love the benefits of exercise, it can be really hard work kicking myself out of the door to get on with it! Probably as a result of the two, I was a little chubby as a child. As a teenager, I really got into exercising. I was training in athletics several times a week, snowboarding at least once a week with school, rock climbing with the boys when skiing season was finished as well as the odd aerobics class with my mum. Not bad really. I also ate the French way, namely at very set times, small portions and even my snacks were at set times everyday. Looking at photos, although not stick thin like many of my French friends, there still wasn't much to me.

Then came the uni days. The "freedom" of being able to eat whenever we wanted and whatever we wanted. We thought it was amazing! Needless to say, I put on two stone in my first year and my mum said I looked pregnant. Since then, my weight has gone up and down a little. I am currently fairly happy with my weight considering I have had two giant babies, and I just know that I am always meant to have a curvy bum and athletic legs. I am still closer to my weight post-uni rather than pre-uni, but that's ok. However my health has never quite been the same since putting on the weight. I have also recently been diagnosed with IBS. I have finally decided that I have had enough.

I have been thinking for some time about consulting a nutritionist. I don't believe in calorie talking as such, so please do not talk to me about calories or I am likely to switch off immediately! I believe in eating good food, which is colourful, varied and nourishing. I love my food, and so don't want to follow fad diets. But I also believe that eating plays a vital role in your wellbeing so needed to find a balance. I am also keen to encourage healthy eating habits for my children from now on, so that hopefully it will give them a healthy relationship with food as well as good health.

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Recently, I bought Sarah Wilson's book "I Quit Sugar". You can read more about Sarah and her food journey here. When reading, I found myself more and more drawn into what Sarah was saying about food and the effects it can have on you. I wanted to know more and saw that you can sign up to a eight week program. The idea is to go on a sort of sugar detox, banning it from your diet, before recalibrating your intake. By then, you should find that you only eat it when you need to, rather than as comfort food. This to me is my big downfall. Feeling tired? I add sugar to my tea for "energy", or have a small chocolate bar. I try not to snack, but when I do, I usually go straight for sugary treats. Sarah really writes clearly on how the program has benefited her and also sets out the result of her research on the matter, making it really thorough.

I am now all signed up and waiting for my shopping list which I should get tomorrow! From past experience, I know I am good at starting new projects, but can sometimes struggle to complete them. I have therefore decided to share my progression of the program with you, and hope for your support towards a clean eating, healthier me! (the book has recipes for cakes, so I should still be able to watch the GBBO fairly easily! ;)

Have you tried clean eating before? If so, what made you start? and did you notice any benefits? I would love to hear your views!

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