Monday, 15 September 2014

Conversations & Musings with a three and a half year old

Jo, from Cup of Jo, often writes on her blog about the conversations she has with her son. I love these posts, and also think it is a great way to keep track of this children growing up, and their daily habits. I have therefore decided to write my own, inspired by Jo's posts.

As much as she can drive me crazy, Siena honestly is the funniest person I know. The things she says, the way her mind works... She so easily brings a smile to my face and makes me wonder in amazement how such a perfect little being came from me. 

Recently, we went to the Natural History museum in Grenoble, which my mum described to her as a museum with "dead animals in boxes"... {My mum has always said things as they are!} So when we arrived at the museum, Siena was very curious as to why the animals had their eyes open and why were they standing up? She also knew that the sounds played could not be real, since the animals were dead. We then went to another zoo, where Siena quickly pointed out that the animals were not dead this time. All said very matter of fact as only children seem to get away with.

Siena - "can I make a card for Granny?"
Me - "Unfortunately Granny is no longer here my angel"
Siena - "that's ok, I will write "Dear Granny, I hope you are having a lovely time being died""

Siena - "I promise I will be good for your birthday mummy" (upon being told off... my birthday is in April!)

Siena also loves singing and has an ability to pick up the lyrics of songs that makes me slightly envious. Recently, I realised that she was singing the rap part in Problem (as in "do that, do that, I.G.G.Y") while wondering around the very fancy Galeries Lafayette! She also loves to dance around house looking really serious while she does, as if playing it cool.

She is a really attentive big sister, always playing with her brother and reassuring him when he cries. She also likes to state that she is going to give Hugo a cuddle after we've told him off.

Siena loves playing Doctor, especially since her stay in hospital. She wraps up her teddies and dollies in blankets and loves finding out what is wrong with them. She once said that as she wanted to be a Doctor when she grew up, she couldn't be a mummy as well. So I explained that of course she could be both. As a result, she now states that when she grows up she will be a Mummy Doctor. 

She also drives me crazy. Especially since I finished work and so have been at home with her for the last three weeks. It has been hard work! Tonight she threw her dinner in the bin while I had my back turned, because "it had bugs in it". Secretly, i can't really tell her off too much as I did exactly the same thing at her age, including throwing away my brother and sister's dinners... I got found out too of course, so I am sure my mother would chuckle at history repeating itself.

Nevertheless, she is such a strong, determined little lady. Today, during her first day in her new nursery, she walked straight in, chatting away to her new teachers, and after 5 minutes, being installed at the painting station, looked up and declared that I could go home now. 

As children, we let our curiosity become the better of us. Maybe Northbridge still has a glimer of childsplay amoung its dark secerets...

She asks questions about everything (!)... "how is toast made?", "how is chocolate made?", "how are mountains made?". I try and take the time to answer all of her questions, as I know this part will not last forever. It can be difficult to take time off what I am doing, whether cooking dinner, cleaning the house, trying to sort out the accounts... But really, I keep trying to remind myself that Siena will not always be three, asking me questions about everything and anything. I want her to keep on asking questions, forever wanting to know more and remain curious about everything.

What conversations do you have with children, whether you own or family/friend's children? Do you ever wonder how on earth to answer their questions? I am dreading the day I will need to help Siena with her homework!

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