Monday, 29 September 2014

And so it begins...

And so here goes. Day 1 of the "I Quit Sugar" program. 
I' call him baby~ he calls me sugar
I received my shopping list on Thursday, leaving me with plenty of time to order all the required ingredients, including the slightly unusual one (still not quite sure what arrowroot flour is.... *searches Bing..... answer: gluten-free, powdery starch that comes from a root and it is often used in Caribbean cooking". Aaah.

Following the detailed weekly menu plan, I prepared some paleo veggie bread last night, and froze it in slices so as to eat as and when required throughout the week. I also precooked lots of beetroot in order to save time later on. This is also now waiting in the freezer in wedges, ready to be used in recipes.
Paleo Zucchini and Carrot Inside Out Bread | I Quit Sugar
I made my own muesli this morning and tried the veggie bread with ham (which had added sugar to it... first fail!), feta cheese and cucumber for lunch. So far so good. I am discovering new recipes, which have been very tasty so I am feeling happy.
Measurements of various body parts have been taken for future reference. Weight-loss is to be expected to some extent with this program, but this is not the main reason I am following it. By reducing sugar intake in your diet, your energy levels are supposed to increase. You may also have clearer skin and just feel better generally. These are the reasons which are currently motivating me. Having also been recently diagnosed with IBS, I am hoping that by eating clean for 8 weeks, it will help me feel better, and set the path into a new way of life: enjoying my food and feeling much better on a daily basis!
As a way of monitoring my progress,  I also thought I would keep you updated on a weekly basis as to the progress I am making and whether I am noticing any changes. So here are a few things I will monitor specifically:
Start of Program {first day of Week 1}:
  • centimeters lost - N/A
  • Energy levels - Somewhere in between. I am struggling to get up in the mornings but ok once I get going with my day.
  • Hair - My hair is currently really quite horrible. The day after I wash it it goes all limp. It can't seem to decide whether it wants to be greasy, or really dry, or both. I love my hair. It always used to be silky smooth despite being curly. So I am hoping that a better diet will help to restore it to health!
  • Skin - My skin is generally quite good. It has however been looking a little tired and lined lately, with some spots.
  • Mood - I am feeling positive and motivated. But then it is day 1....

If I think of any others I will let you know.

Limiting your sugar intake is beneficial for you it can help improve you oral and overall health! #DeltaDental

How about you? Have you followed a similar program before? If so was it for health reasons or purely for weight-loss? I would love to hear from you!
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