Sunday, 13 July 2014

Holiday in Archachon Part 1 [the fun part]

My dad and his family are originally from the Bordeaux area. My grandma still lives there, near the Bassin d'Archachon. Last time Barry and I went, I was just about three months pregnant with Siena.  We had an amazing time and really loved the region. As that was four years ago, we therefore thought it was about time we went back so that my grandma could finally meet her first great-grand-children.

From Bristol, it is really easy as the flights are direct to Bordeaux. We then hired a car from the airport to allow us to visit the surrounding area during our stay. Last time we were there we hired a lovely little brand new Golf Polo which was amazing to drive. This time, we were given a tank (i.e. Dacia Duster) but eh, it had to fit two cases and a pram! I also had to adjust back to driving a manual. On the other side of the road. Oh how we laughed.

Hugo on his first flight... spent the time smiling at all the ladies and crawling up and down the aisle

The Bassin d'Arcachon is only about an hour away from the airport, so we got there really easily once we'd landed. Last time we were there, being pregnant, I was unable to make the most of the amazing food the region has on offer, with its seafood, it's aperitif Lillet, it's pate Lou Gascoun...  so I made up for this time! Mmmmm... My grandma is also a very traditional French grandma who doesn't do just a light lunch, so you end up with a gourmet meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Perfect!

Barry and the smallest bottle of beer in the world

We took the kids to the zoo, which is a really lovely zoo. Completely different to our local Bristol one, but still really good! 

We also went to the beautiful beach of Pereire, which had an amazing beach hut for lunch too.

So that was part one of the holiday. We had planned to go to the Dune du Pilat, Biscarosse, maybe go into Bordeaux itself too as Barry and I fell in love with the town last time we were there. 

However, as many parents will know, life takes things in its own hands especially where children are involved and so that didn't happen. Instead we ended up in the ER with our holidays being extended by almost another week.... 
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