Monday, 12 May 2014

Stuck in a rut.... or a sign as to the new road to be taken?

Has it ever happened to you where, you woke up one day, and you knew exactly what you were meant to be doing next. And by this I mean as in which steps to take next with your life, rather than simply remembering to put the bins out or put food out to defrost so you have something to eat at 


I've been lucky enough to have that feeling several times. The first time, was when i decided to go and study at university in England, rather than my hometown like most French kids do. I remember at the time my parents questioning my decision... Would I stay in Grenoble if I had my own flat? Did I want to go and study in the next town instead? Nope, I said, I can't explain it, but I know I need to go to the UK. I initially looked at Aberdeen (pretty much as far as you can get in my parents' eyes!) but eventually settled for UKC (or University of Kent these days I believe). And I've never looked back since!

The second time it happened, was several months after uni, where I was living at home back in France, temping in a cheese factory (oh la la, so freeeeench!)... definitely in a what on earth should I do with my life kind of moment. One day I decided I was going to go and live in Bristol. Why? I knew there were lots of law firms, I'd been there once or twice, and had my best friend from uni moving there when she returned from travelling. That's all I needed. Again, my mum asked if it wouldn't be better to wait until I successfully obtained a job in Bristol before moving there. And once again, I remember saying to her, Nope, it's all good, it will all sort itself out when I get there. And do you know what, it did. Within several months, I had finally managed to get a foot in the door in a law firm, which led me to the role I am in today. I also worked evenings and weekends in a restaurant/bar and paid off all my uni debts within a year. I met Barry, and all my other Bristol based friends, and don't regret anything. Life has been pretty good.

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Then... that feeling was back. Now this time, I have to say it completely caught me off guard! As you may or may not know, I recently turned 30, and took the time to reflect on how good life was right now. Not perfect, but pretty good overall. 

Then all of a sudden, I woke up knowing exactly what I want to do next. However this time, it's not just about me. I have a lovely man to convince that I am not mad or going through a "crazy" phase, and I also have two bambini to think of. I won't go into too much detail just yet as to what I am being called to do next, but suffice to say I know in my heart if we went for it with Barry, it would be amazing. Hard work at times, yes, but amazing and I get really excited thinking about it.

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Barry thinks it might simply be because we are sleep deprived (10 month old bambino still not sleeping through the night and I wasn't even sleeping during the pregnancy... so a pretty long time without sleep zzzz), work is stressful at the moment (and I can't see it getting any better), and the weather is, well, pretty bad. And many other factors which would give it away so will keep quiet on those for now ;)

When I think about it, there are many practical questions that should be looked into in more detail before even considering my idea... But deep down, I know. Once again, it is one of those things I simply cannot explain, but I know is the right decision. Everything about it has more positives than negatives... for me, for Barry, and especially the children. But, it would be a life changing step to take. Not irreversible if things didn't work out, but big nevertheless.

All I keep thinking is... why not? What is the worse than can happen?....

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Have you ever had such feelings? Did you put them down to being stuck in a rut or did you take the plunge and go for it? I would love to hear from you so please do share, whichever way you went in the end! (anything to help me convince Barry! ;)
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