Monday, 12 May 2014

Love! Love! Love! What do you think of tulle skirts?

Absolutely dying, need this skirt right now!!! :: fool for tulle:: white tulle skirt:: black and white fashion:: tulle skirt:: vintage style:: retro fashion

I keep seeing these crop up everywhere I look, and I am completely in love with them! What do you think? 

Would you wear them in the day, a la SJP? or would you keep these as a special going out outfit? 

I think I would wear them all day every day! 

Simply stunning!

 photo signature_zpsc43fa538.png

*Images all taken from Pinterest*

I need to order one of these Tulle Skirts  get my Carrie Bradshaw on :-) find more women fashion on

Tulle skirt with neutral sweater and heels. I'd wear a fitted sweater though. Suits my figure more.

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