Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Sponsor ~ Amanda from Rhymes & Ribbons

Further to introducing you to Vicky from Outback Expat, I am now pleased to introduce you to Amanda from the Rhymes and Ribbons blog.

I met Amanda when I last signed up for a Cara box exchange (if you haven't done one yet, check it out, it's great!). We got on really well from the start with, amongst others, a common love for the Walking Dead, Amanda's boyfriend supporting the same football team as my family, and of course our love for blogging!

Amanda's blog is a great read, covering all sorts from baking recipes (always make me hungry!) to various posts about life. It's one of my number one reads so go have a look! ;)

In the meantime, here's a little more about Amanda by Amanda:

"Welcome to Rhyme and Ribbons!  My name is Amanda. I was raised in the desert (New Mexico).  I went to university in Atlanta for my undergrad degree in International Studies and Theatre.  While I was in university, I studied abroad at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and that's where I met Sam.  After graduation, I just couldn't quit the academic life. I moved to London to get my MA and be closer to my love. England has captured my heart and now I am here to stay. Whether it wants me or not.

I started blogging to keep track of the small and large things in my life. (And it helped to alleviate some expat loneliness.)

Most of this involves food, travel and small adventures. Sometimes it involves immigration authorities.

I over-think almost everything.

I only own two pairs of socks and I can never eat just one cookie.

I'm so grateful that I have found an internet community!
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