Friday, 25 April 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to you all! It's not a bank holiday this weekend but there's one coming up soon, and I hope you have fun no matter what you're up to!

I have Birthday drinks planned tomorrow night at the Living Room, and I have my new dress all ready to shine from Joy! (Have you seen their new collection? It's beautiful!).

I am slightly worried as to how I will fare on the night, as it has been so long since I went out properly, and with Hugo teething I have been really tired again lately... But hopefully nothing a good cocktail or two won't help with!

I am also hoping for some me time at some point, by going into town by myself for a spot of shopping (desperately want some new make-up, including a bright pink lippy!).

And then, I want to make sure I spend time with the kids, as they make me laugh like no one else at the moment. I especially love it when Siena and Hugo are giggling uncontrollably at each other, always lightens up my day!
Laughing is the key to a long happy life. Don't ever lose the kid in you. Don't ever forget the playfulness in life. laugh = happieness
What are you up this weekend?
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ps: Finally found a pair of gorgeous handmade leather moccasins made in the UK for Hugo, can't wait to get him a pair

pps: how cute is this little chappy? which brings me to the next one... Have you checked out this amazing lady yet?
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