Sunday, 2 March 2014

And relax... part 2

I have truly enjoyed a great weekend, and I feel really relaxed and tired but in a good way tonight. Ready to go to bed and have a nice long sleep... Well at least until Hugo wakes up for his feed that is.
After my lovely day yesterday with Chloe, Barry and I watched Insiduous Chapter 2 last night... Not recommended as part of the relaxation package, but we do love a good horror film!
Day 2 of the weekend was spent waking up early to go to Bath, in order to watch the lovely Mark run the Bath Half. The roads were empty until we got to Bath and people were beeping their car horns left right and centre while I was trying to park, very uncivilised if you ask me! After this stressful period, we eventually made our way to the start line and met up with my sister and her fiance Mark. It was a beautiful wet English winter day, and we got soaked!
Luckily Mark ran it a lot faster than I ever would have done, so we only had to hang around just under 1h30, and as we were in good company, time flew! Siena did have on about ten layers though to keep her warm, but she was as good as gold the whole time. She just ended up looking like a mix between ET and the little girl in Monsters Inc!
Following the run, we drove to Devizes and enjoyed a lovely pub lunch at the Crown. Loveliness, loveliness!
It's been great to spend time with Chloe and Mark, as they will be moving to Australia next month! So I definitely want to make the most of spending time in their company before they leave, and this weekend was great :)
What did you get up to this weekend? Hope you're ready for a new week!

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