Friday, 1 November 2013

How has your week been?

It has been another long week, but I am determined to focus on the good as well as the bad. Last Friday we went up North again to go visit my grandparents in their carehome. It took us over nine hours to get there which was fun! We stayed at their house and saw them as much as we could. They are in their mid 90s. My Grand-dad has terminal cancer and is broken hearted from the loss of his daughter. He was so weak it broke my heart. But, he seemed delighted to see Siena and she was great, giving him lots of hugs and kisses. My Grandma seemed well enough, and we had good chats with her, including discussing her trips to Alexandria when she was young and living in Malta. She truly is an amazing woman, like the ones you read in novels!
While up North, we went to Sunderland's Winter Garden as Barry is now obsessed with plants // Siena wrote a birthday card for my Grandma// Barry is convinced Hugo is close to walking... at three months// we had beautiful weather including rain and sunshine at the same time // Hugo can now sit in his highchair and is enjoying being weaned onto proper food // I've been swimming and running this week so feeling a little better about my marathon training // Siena looked great in her Halloween costume and Hugo looked Frightfully Cute // I actually sat down and did some painting with Siena, she loved it! // I received my first Cara Box.
How has your week been? What plans do you have for the weekend?

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