Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fireworks Night

Running a little behind this week, and only updating now about last weekend, when the new one is about to start!!
We spent last weekend in Berkhamsted, staying with some friends of ours. It was the first time we'd been, and had a really good time. It is also a beautiful little place, really easy to get to.
On the Saturday, we attended our first firework display with the kids. In the past Siena, has been a little wary of loud noises such as the vacuum cleaner etc, ironic considering she isn't exactly the quiet type... Because of this, we weren't sure how she would react to the fireworks. We did our usual of talking it up, and ensuring she had a nap before we went (which for once, worked! yay!). So off we set towards the display. Siena was really excited and had picked up on our enthusiasm as she chatted away happily all the way there. I bought her a necklace made of glow sticks and a foam stick thing with flashing lights which also kept her amused, and also useful for keeping track of her should i lose her in the crowd, but after my recent events I did keep a firm grip on her little hand. She also had a sip of the mulled wine I was drinking while waiting for the display to start (she is French after all!). Siena really seemed to enjoy it and we had lovely cuddles throughout sat on the ground watching them together. Hugo didn't enjoy them quite as much, but got cuddles from Barry throughout so quickly settled down afterwards.
On the way home Siena kept talking about the fireworks, how they weren't scary, but really, really good! Overall, really pleased with the evening.
The following morning, there was a French market in town, so my friend (who is also French) and I really enjoyed speaking French and buying lots of good food from home! We then had a lovely walk by the canal feeding bread to the ducks, until some geese bullied us away from the area. A short play on the swings and we went home for a lovely homecooked chicken dish. Mmmmmmmmm....
On the way home, as it was late and we felt lazy so we picked up a MacDonalds. I had the food on my lap in the car for the drive home, and the following conversation took place:
-Mummy you need to share it
-What? You mean this isn't all for me?
-No you have to share it.
(after some reflection)
-You can have some of Daddy's if you want. Not mine. I am going to eat mine aaaaaaaaall up. But you can have some of Daddy's.
Charming. Needless to say Barry was not impressed... I quickly learned on our first date he does not share food!
We have another busy weekend ahead of us... Kids are off to my sister's tomorrow so Barry and I can go to the cinema and enjoy a lie in Saturday. Then taking part in a Toddler and Baby Table Sale on Saturday morning before heading up to Devizes to pick up the kids and enjoy a walk somewhere in the area.
Did you get to see any fireworks? Have you got any plans for the weekend?




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