Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend catch up

I'm sorry it's been a little while since I last wrote... Been "Up North" for my godmother's funeral, so did not get a chance to write.
I am now back in Bristol, and thought I would update you briefly on my last few days.
I ate what is apparently a Teesside delicacy: a Parmo. It was actually really nice, definitely good comfort food! I had it at The Stables, a really nice pub in Wynyard Village. Actually ended up eating there on three occasions, as it was just easier there being a few of us in need of a good catch up, and not wanting to spend time in the kitchen.
I found this at my Grandparents, combining three of my favourite things: Green, my son, and Italian! It really makes you think as to the mysteries of life!

As we drove to the Metrocentre on Friday, we got to drive past the Angel of the North, which brought back memories of my trips up north as a child.
I came home with a bottle of Clairette de Die and two additional pairs of shoes ...

They're a little tight so I will be trying this tip with them to help ease into them.
As with Siena, despite not putting on any weight during the pregnancy aside from the (may I say massive!) bump, I seem to always put on a lot of weight several weeks after giving birth! I am unable to exercise at all due to the severe divarication I have in my stomach muscles following my pregnancy. So I am simply going to watch what I eat until I can exercise again. Weightwatchers works really well for me, so although I am not planning on attending the meetings for the time being, I'll be following their recipes again as of Tuesday, when the shopping gets delivered, in an attempt to eat healthily and hopefully lose a little weight. 
Saturday morning, we celebrated my godmother's life. After a lovely service in the morning, we gathered at Wynyard Hall for some food and reminiscing. It was a beautiful venue.
I was very proud of Siena and Hugo for behaving beautifully throughout the day. Siena also made me smile when she said "mummy is sad because she can't see Aunty Jane", even though we had not mentioned anything to her. Children will never cease to amaze me!
As bittersweet as it was, it was lovely to catch up with my family. The sun also made an appearance, and by having Siena and Hugo with us, as well as there being a wedding at the venue at the same time, it reminded us of life's blessings.
I also came home to a beautifully written card written by a beautiful friend, and received lovely messages of love and support throughout the weekend. I truly am blessed with amazing friends, as well as an amazing family.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and wish you a great Monday! xx
Ps: Cancer Research and Macmillan are charities which remain close to my heart.
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