Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tip on how to... Pick a book for your child at the library

... make sure you have a quick read through of what it is actually about!

Siena loves going to the library and picking out books. Our local library is only small but has a great selection, so we'll pick 4 or 5 books every time we go. We last went a week ago, and I picked out a few books so we could take them up north with us. One of the books I picked out was :

Quite possibly, the clue was in the title, but I did not think anything of it at the time I picked it up. As I was reading it to Siena the other night, as one of her two night-time stories, I slowly realised what I was reading to her.... The story of mum and dad splitting up, and the child desperately wanting to glue them back together to "fix them". I then had to try and make up the rest of the story to avoid questions from Siena as to what was happening to mum and dad. I was also thinking if Barry could hear me in the next room he'll be wondering what on earth was going on, and perhaps was there something we needed to talk about considering I was telling our daughter "mummy and daddy were no longer together but still loved her very much"... Aaaaaah, I do make myself laugh! So from now on, I will make sure I check what the book is about before leaving the library!
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