Saturday, 14 September 2013

My confession as a mum...

I have now held the job of Mum for two years and eight months. Prior to this, I have had my fair share of varied, random jobs since I've started working (this includes security "guard" for an international scientific research unit... hilarious!), but this has by far been the hardest!
I returned to work full-time when Siena was 3 months old. Not because I had to. Because I wanted to. I believe this is the norm in other countries, just not in the UK. Siena therefore went to nursery five days a week and I went back to work as I did before having Siena. We all survived this but this is a subject for potentially another post altogether! ;)
I very often get people telling me "I don't know how you do it!". All I think then is that my mum had three kids within 3 years, and truly, I don't know how she did it! But in my case, well, I guess not everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors. My GP said that to me when I went to see him yet again about being tired and wasn't there just something he could give me. He said no, that was called being a parent. He also told me that it might seem that some parents have it all figured out, but the truth is you never really know what someone is truly like at home. They may seem like they have it all figured out, but might be sobbing hysterically when watching "Marley and Me" at 6am on a Sunday morning saying "oh my god it's so truuuuuuuuuuuuuue!". I don't even like dogs all that much. I remember Barry just walking in and shaking his head at me... I must have been a delightful sight!
Anyway, this got me thinking of today's post. And so I give you my confessions as a mum. Not sure any parent is supposed to say these out loud or write down for all to read... But here goes!
1. No matter how long I spend packing my bag before I leave the house, or how heavy my bag is, you can be sure that I am always going to forget something. Once it was wipes. Once it was nappies - which we only discovered after we had removed Siena's fully soiled nappy and chucked it in the bin. Oh and it was 10pm. At my friend's flat. That was fun!
Spot what's missing... answer: nappy bags, dummy. There's also only a small 90ml bottle rather than the 210ml required, but only realised this when out.
Not really a necessary photo but come on, it is a beautiful bag!
2. In the last two and a half years, I stopped a long (long!) time ago making sure Siena's face is always clean. Between chocolate, drinks and god knows what else, her face is always at least a little dirty. In this photo I believe it is mud and chocolate... lovely.

3. I love having a daughter. But dolls continue to freak me out...

Doll crime scene... what happened here!?...

4. Sometimes I eat a pack of biscuits... to myself. Especially if they are dark chocolate ones like the ones below... I justify this by telling myself I need the energy to keep on the go!

5. I hate people being late. But I am always late! Whether it is because (select at random):
  • I had to change my now-covered-in-sick/poo/wee/other top when I was ready to leave the house... Usually it was also the last remaining clean thing in my closet that day that fits me
  • Siena has decided she needs the toilet
  • I've forgotten baby sling/sunglasses/bottles for Hugo/any of the above mentioned in 1.
  • Or simply because I am being massively disorganised (usually this is the main one), I cannot help it!
On that note, I would be completely lost without my Filofax/phone/wall calendar... I need all three to try and remember things....
My saviour!

6. I am convinced baby brains is going to last for the rest of my life...

7. Every night I go to bed with the intention of waking up early and getting organised. Every day, I fail. And usually end up looking like that this pre-make up and pre-coffees...

8. Despite holding the job for several years now, I still tend to buy nappies and milk when I'm on my last nappy/bottle... You would think I'd get more organised but then, well, I think I've made my point on the whole disorganised bit!
9. I drink far too much coffee (with sugar, for the energy you see, like the biscuits).

10. Despite having all the tools, including a beautiful green KitchenAid, sometimes I bake cakes from a pack... This avoids disappointment with my baking-gone-wrong experiments and keeps everyone happy!

11. Siena has Mcdonalds... and recognises "Macadonald" (and the donut place, aka Krispy Kreme) when out. Gone are the days I used to judge people feeding chips to their babies! In my defence though, Siena eats everything! including sushi, thai curries, chili con carne, olives, etc... and mainly homemade stuff... so surely that's ok... Overall I rarely judge other parents nowadays, especially the tired/upset/fed up parents going round the supermarket with a  screaming toddler... I feel your pain and you're doing great!
12. Bribery works, and is used. Lack of sleep leads to desperate measures!

13. On a similar note, things I said I would never do prior to having children, went out the window when I had children... See 11 for MacDonald's. Also dummies are a great invention!
14. The house only looks tidy if I stay up until midnight every night.... which doesn't happen every night.
15. We have no routine in this house whatsoever.
16. When I say I'm tired, I mean that I could literally just lie down on the floor that instant and go to sleep... for a week!
17. When I say I don't need help, I'm lying. Force me to sit down and stuff a preferably hot, roasted hazelnut latte down my throat, while patting my hair and saying "there,there" gently. Thank you :)
Now as with all my posts, the above applies to me. I am not saying it cannot be done, namely being organised and on top of everything. I just seem unable to do so. I am sure there are many more confessions I could add but for now, these will do for my confessions as a mum. Please do feel free to add your own in the comments below so I don't feel too lonely in this!
On that note, I'm off to bed so I can get up early tomorrow and get organised... (lies... all lies!!)
PS: On the plus side, I absolutely love being a mum!
 My angel and I having fun in the car

Cuddles with my beautiful family
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