Sunday, 29 September 2013

Green Loving Moment {green sofa}

I've decided that I'm fed up with the living room as it currently stands, and want a new sofa to sort it out! We have a massive three seater sofa, with a matching two seater in the bay window. Now no one ever sits in the window bay as it's too far from the TV. Instead, the two-seater just takes up all the room and is used as somewhere to dump things. I had this great vision of having a pretty sofa, and then an armchair and a coffee table in the bay window as a little reading area by the window... how charming! I saw a lovely yellow sofa but Barry preferred this one... which so happens to come in green, so who am I to say no ;) It'll be with us next month along with a beautiful teal armchair, I'm so excited!
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