Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Down memory lane ~ Pretty Glamourous Photoshoot...

As I sit down to write this post, I have just been covered in sick, courtesy of Hugo. This is great timing as I was about to write that these days, it is difficult to find one item of clothing that is not already covered in sick/wee/poo thanks to my lovely 7 week old bambino... Also, my beloved long, daily showers are no more, so my hair is not lovely and silky on a daily basis. I know they will return, but this does not stop the current moment from feeling a little un-glamourous at times to say the least!
This is why I really enjoyed the photoshoot I did with my sister a year ago, with Love Exclusive in Manchester. It is one of these experiences that always feel really expensive at the time, however as I said to my sister, when we are old and shrivelled, we can look back and tell everyone "I was pretty hot don't ya know!" and have proof of it!
My sister, as like many of my friends, doesn't see herself the way the rest of the world does, no matter what I tell her. However, I think you will all agree that she looks pretty spectacular on these photos! I think I look pretty good too, even if my 12 metres high heels still don't make me as a tall as Chloe! ;)
I went for the 1940's style, with bright red lips and victory rolls. Chloe chose the 1960's look, A la Brigitte Bardot, hence the big hair and even bigger eyes!
The photoshoot was based on a boudoir shoot. Now, when you google "boudoir photography", you can come across some pretty risqué photos. I have to admit, Chloe and I were both a little nervous before the shoot. However the team on the day were amazing, from the make-up team, to the stylist and the photographer, and made us feel right at ease. I've included some of the photos below for you to judge, although I've kept back from posting the ones which are for Barry's eyes only ;)

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