Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beautiful Jewellery

Earlier this year, Barry and I came home after work to find that the house had been broken into and various items stolen... They seemed to know what they were doing, but "luckily" they only took small objects like Barry's Ipod and PS3 amongst others. However, they also took my jewellery box. Now this really made me sad, but also angry, as they will not be able to sell most of the items, so I imagine most of my jewellery ended up in a bin somewhere. This included all the jewellery I had collected over the years since my childhood, including items from all over the world bought as presents and souvenirs. Anyway, the harm is done and I have moved on. We naturally went through our insurance policy to recover the stolen items, and was offered money to buy the replacement items we wished.
Since receiving the money, I have not yet bought anything. The only jewellery I tend to buy for myself are inexpensive items from various high street shops, which I can easily change when I get bored of them. I don't wear much jewellery on a day to day basis in any event, preferring "simple" items, such as a gold bangle and dangling earrings, or a statement necklace. I always wear my stacking rings too, again simple bands with perhaps an unusual shape and/or different colours (my favourite being rose gold).
There is however a jewellery website I absolutely adore, so maybe I should have a proper look and invest in some of their pieces. Here are some of my favourite items from their website:
I'm also hoping that any day now I will be presented with a beeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooootiful engagement ring from Barry, but I've been told to be patient so I'm still waiting... still, six years in October!! How patient can one girl be!? (aaaaaand breath!)
PS: Just enjoyed a scrumptious nutty flapjack from Costa while writing this, with a nice cuppa! nomnomnom!
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