Thursday, 22 August 2013

{Lifestyle} What I am proud about today...

Too often in life I tend to focus on the negative. Rather than take a step back and consider the good things I have achieved, I will find the one thing that did not go to plan and make myself feel bad about it. We often discuss this with my sister, as we're both guilty of this behaviour. Despite this, we're both good at reminding the other one of all we have achieved, and to forget about the negative experiences.
A lot of the time, I guess it is mostly down to confidence. Additionally, especially in my family, we tend to place ourselves under a lot of pressure to be the best at everything we do, and to aim for the best in life. So when we don't achieve this, either because it did not happen on that particular occasion or perhaps simply because deep down we did not really want to, we make ourselves feel bad and punish ourselves with negativity.
If I stop and think about it, today I am most proud of:
  • I am about to qualify in my job after many years of education and training. The hard work will finally pay off!
  • I have two beautiful children who look like mini versions of their dad and I... Can't help but think "we made them!"
  • My brother has followed his passion as his career (he plays football professionally, that is something to be proud of!
  • My sister is fiercely ambitious and passionate about her career too. She works really hard and although she does not always see it, she has achieved so much already for her age. We are all very proud of her.
  • In fact, my parents, godmother and grand parents are the best example to demonstrate that you get what you work for in life. I am very proud of them, and wouldn’t be the person I am today without their support and advice.
  • I pretty much have everything I could ask for in life, some obtained through hard work but also thanks to the support of my family and friends.
  • last one for the day... I have no debts, except for the mortgage. Very proud of that one!
What about you, what are you most of proud of?
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