Wednesday, 28 August 2013

{Lifestyle} Tuesday's Thoughts

What I've been looking at online today...
Swaddlers... Hugo loves being swaddled. It sets him off to sleep almost immediately, no matter how loud he may have been crying just seconds before. B has found a way to swaddle him with some of the blankets we have, similar to rolling up a Swiss/sausage roll, but I have been thinking of getting a proper "swaddler" as I just don't seem to have B's "technique" for it. It so happens that one of the blogs I follow has written a post on this. Sadly the UK website is currently out of stock, however I have found a free pattern online for one, and I love the fabric used for it by this blogger as seen below. Might be time to dust off my sewing machine!
Colourful scarves... As any true Frenchwoman, I love scarves and happily wear them all year around. At the moment, I am looking for a bright and colourful scarf for the autumn/winter.
Sunny yellow scarf
Another link to Jo's blog, I've fallen in love with the bag shown on one of her recent posts.

Colourful rugs... I would love to get several rugs to dot around the house, especially for the hallway, living room and Siena's bedroom. Just need to find colours that will match each room and rugs that won't cost the earth!
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