Wednesday, 28 August 2013

{Home} work in progress ~ bathroom & bedroom

I love seeing our home coming together. Even though we've been in the house for over two years, there's always something more to be done. We try hard to make the house reflect who we are as a couple, individuals, as well as a family. And I think that we are slowly but surely achieving this. For example in our bedroom, B and I have a feature wallpaper of a forest. Now when B first mentioned this idea to me, I have to say I was a little sceptic... All I could picture was the weird beach wallpaper my parents had in their flat in the 1980s.
However we looked into it and several months later an offer came up on Groupon for the print I had seen online, which I really liked. We therefore got the whole wallpaper for £60, which is a lot less than the cost of any large, good quality canvas we had seen.
B has since painted some of the walls a soothing, relaxing olive green colour, and bought beautiful lamps and a lampshade from Next to tie the whole theme together. I absolutely love the result so far, although I've been told not to expect any more green in the house as I now have two rooms in the house that are mainly green...
The next steps in the house are putting up the mammoth, beautifully carved solid wood mirror in the bathroom (B seems to know what he's doing on this one), and tidy the bedroom once the new furniture has been received. I can't wait for it to arrive so we can finally finalise the bedroom. Photos of the final results will follow once completed, watch this space! I can't wait!
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