Tuesday, 27 August 2013

{Food} Favourite cakes...

I am so (SO!) excited that the Great British Bake Off has started again! I love all things baked, whether it be cake, bread... anything really.
So today's post is mostly a list of my favourites cakes, tried and tested!
As for my favourite breads, well the list is simply never ending... as a true French woman, I adore bread!
You can't usually go wrong with the BBC Food website so most recipes are from there.
I love bananas, and so does my daughter. So we usually always have some in the house. This recipe is great when the bananas go a little dark and you're unsure as to whether you ought to eat them or not. Added to that some chocolate chips and nuts... Mmmmm! This is one you have to follow the recipe otherwise it can end up being a gooey mess (although apparently with baking you should always follow the recipe... or so I hear!)
My friend Libby introduced me to this cake and I loved it so much I made it for my daughter's first birthday... although went a little crazy and doubled the ingredients, making it into a monster, amazingly tasty, birthday cake!
I love carrot cake! Especially when it has nuts in it, and with lots of yummy icing! This recipe is from the Hairy Bikers, I really like their recipes and watching them on TV, as their accents and humour remind me of my late uncle.
You might start noticing a bit of a theme here... I love nuts in cakes!
And the ones I have not yet tried baking myself, but still yummy:
  • Tarte aux fraises


and last but not least:
Greeeeeen cake.... Amazing!
I can't quite remember what flavour this was, possibly green tea and pistachio? All I remember is that it was at Teacup in Manchester in September 2012, it was green, and tasted really good too!
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